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Home Grooming Tips For Dogs


Dogs are adorable pets. But they need to be properly groomed for maintaining their health and beauty. Grooming a dog can be tricky. They can’t sit stable for a while. Most pet grooming services offer home visits to groom your pet. They comb and brush your dog properly to ensure that he or she gets shiny fur and stays away from parasites and fur. 

When you search puppies for sale and get a new one, not knowing how to groom the pet at home can lead to trouble for you. The dog might get infected with bacteria without proper grooming. Learning how to groom your dog at home can make a world of difference in their skin and keep them safe and healthy from any infections.

In this article, we will provide valuable home grooming tips for dogs. We will look at the different things that you can do to keep your dog in a healthy condition. These tips will also act as a guide when you don’t want to call pet services for grooming your dog at home.

Tips to groom your dog at home

Before you start grooming, you need to take care of a few things. You must ensure that your dog is calm when you begin the grooming process. You should pet the dog’s body so that any movement can be stabilized. The first grooming session should be kept short and simple to minimize the pet’s irritations. Here are a few tips that pet grooming services recommend for home grooming - 

1. Choose the right brush

First of all, identify the brush you need based on your dog’s coat. Bristle brushes are perfect for pets with short hairs. Long-haired breeds would often require a sleeker brush. You can connect with your veterinarian to understand the dog’s skin type before getting a brush.

2. Loosen the dirt

Using the brush, you must remove all the dirt and dead skin that settles on your dog. Since your pet must roam outside, they would have a lot of dust particles on them. A soft brush is feasible to eliminate all the debris, leading to a clean and shiny coat.

3. Hair trimming

It is recommended to take your dog to professional pet grooming services for trimming their hair. However, if you want to do it at home, take caution. Carefully trim the hair around the eyes to prevent any itching. You must wait until your dog is calm and lying down before trimming.

4. Wet cleaning

You should use a damp towel to clean off the hard dust and dirt from your dog’s skin. Do not use soap of any kind as it may cause irritation. A simple damp towel is enough to clean off the particles. You should be careful as a cloth can catch pine needles that you have not seen.

5. Trim the nails

One important aspect is to trim your dog’s nails regularly. Be careful and don’t cut the nails too short, otherwise, it can cause bleeding. Use a rotary trimmer for properly cutting the nails. You can take your dog to a vet and understand how to trim their nails so that you can do it in the future.

6. Bathing

It is recommended to bathe your dogs every three months. However, if your dog roams around too much in the yard or stays outside, you can increase that frequency. Ensure that you use the right bathing products. You can ask pet services for the right skin shampoo and soap to use while bathing. Regular shampoo can cause itching to the dog.

Home grooming your dog is challenging but can be simplified by following the above tips. You can take them to a veterinarian and get complete information about grooming before you begin the process.