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What Is The Best Pony Breed For A Child


Most children would love to have a pony as their companion. If your child has also made that decision, then you probably want to know more about the best pony horses that you can get for your child. After all, you can’t take them to pony rides for kids every day. Getting a pony is a decision that they will love you for, and it is an excellent way to teach them about having and riding a pony. 

Horse riding can be dangerous if you don’t get the basics right. You would want to avoid any bad experience that could leave a scar on your child’s pong riding hobby. That’s why you don’t just want to search for “ponies for sale near me” - you need to figure out which one is the best for keeping your kid interested and safe while horse riding.

5 Best Pony Breeds for Children and Small Adults

It is important to choose the right pony for kids. You don’t want to startle both of them by making an improper match. The pony should be well-ridden and approachable. Here’s are a few ponies that can make for the perfect pony rides for kids without compromising with their safety -

1. Shetland Ponies

Probably one of the most popular ponies among young children is the Shetland pony. It is really small in height - around 70cm to 110 cm. They are super fun, and your kid will love to be around a Shetland pony.


However, they are sturdy and stubborn. So a lot of training would be essential to accept commands before your children can start learning horse riding on the pony. The best thing is that these ponies live for nearly 30 years, so your kids won’t be worried about their short life and feel sad about it. 

2. Pony of the Americas

Another major contender that comes up when you search “ponies for sale near me” is the Pony of the Americas. It is a North American breed and is highly popular among young children.


The pony looks beautiful with spots all over and gives the look of a distinct species. It is nearly 44 to 52 inches in size and has a strong horse body. It is a durable and athletic breed of ponies, which resulted from a cross between an Arabian-Appaloosa mare and a Shetland stallion.

3. Welsh Pony

One of the best pony horses is the Welsh pony used widely for training kids in horse riding. It has a powerful and solid built and dependable body with good athletic features. On top of that, your kids can easily mount on the Welsh pony.


They have a long life, and your kid can easily transition from childhood to adulthood, riding the same pony for years. Welsh ponies are widely used in show rings and can be easily trained to follow commands.

4. Halflinger

Also known as a miniature horse, Halflinger gives pony rides for kids in the truest sense. They are miniature in size, and anyone over 70 pounds cannot ride them. They are friendly and excellent for training kids for horse riding. It has a loving personality, and kids often love to play with the pony.


On the other hand, they are a great companion for children to understand how to take care of a horse. They can participate in pony competitions and are popular for being as agile as different breeds of dogs.

5. American Quarter Horse

The quarter gives your children the best of both worlds. When you are looking for the best pony horse, a quarter horse often comes up. It is the perfect choice for young kids who are serious about horse riding and want to take their training a step further.

American Quarter Pony

They are widely known for their versatility and friendly temperament, making them your child’s friend. Their height ranges between 48 to 52 inches, but kids can easily mount on a Quarter horse. Their responsiveness makes them a preferred choice for kids training to be horse riders.

When your kid begins dreaming of learning horse riding, you can’t just get any pony that you seem might be good for them. You must ensure that you are getting the right breed based on their expectations from training.