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How to post an ad?

1. In order to post an ad on Grazill INC. You must become a registered user. Sign up  by going to our home page tap Sign up bottom at the top right of the screen. 

2. Register using your email, a link will be sent to your email to activate your account. Click on the link and it will return you to Grazill inc you can now post using the Start now button under create a free ad.

3. Above the ad details you would pick a category that best fits your item your selling or looking for. Then follow steps 1-6 enter a sub category,  tittle, Description, seller -type  price and location. Continue by clicking next. You can up load a YouTube video link add your website.

4. Have potential buyers reach you faster by adding your contact information. Adding a phone number (optional) or email with allow direct communications or use our chat box in your “My Messages” for a more safe and secure experience.

5. Once all information is completed continue by selecting next, view a preview of your ad to confirm all information is correct then post ad to complete your ad. 


Deleting My Ad

To delete your ad follow these steps:

1. Go to home screen then click on your profile. 

2. Scroll down on your profile to “My Ads". Choose the ad you would like to delete then scroll to the right of your posted ad and select delete.

3. Then confirm with the “confirm button” Your ad will become deleted. 

Please rememberr to delete your ads if they are no longer available.


Editing your Ad

1.Go to home screen select your profile then scroll to “My account " it will bring you to all your ads listed.
2. Choose the ad you would like to change. Scroll to the right. Located under the “Promote Ad" button, select edit.
3. Make any changes on the ad. Once completed continue selecting next as changes are made. Once all changes have been made select “Save Info" to update all changes. 


How to Register
Being registered with us allows you to access our benefits and features!
1 . To create a new account select the “Sign Up" button located on the Home screen. 
2. Enter the information required and select your preferred Membership Plan.
3. An email will be sent to the email address that was used to sign up. Follow the email instructions to complete the registration of your account.


Adding Images 

Get noticed 10x more by adding photos. 

1. When you post an ad or editing an existing ad you can add images by uploading photos to the “Ad Media” section. Select add photo the choose what your looking for on your device. 

2. Choose up to 10 photos to display on your ad. 

3. Once complete select next and save info. 

If you're having difficulty uploading photos please contact customer service and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Benefits of Registering 

Becoming Registered with us allows you to post ads, communicate with fellow members, manage your ads and keep track of all your orders for paid ads.

1. Post ads.

2. Communicate with interested parties online through Grazill Inc. platform safely.

3. View Verified and trusted User accounts.

4. Manage your profile.

5. Promote, delete or edit ads under your account.

6. Upgrade your account settings.

7. Plus more! 

Do just about anything when you become one of us!