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Grazill Inc. Cookie Policy

When our website is accessed and browsed by our users we or our partners may storage information based on your habits to provide a better shopping experience. Cookies by Grazill Inc or our partners maybe used to gather this information. Our cookies only remain active for the time the browser is open on your device. Users can delete or block our cookies from accessing their devices at anytime by going into their settings Manual on their device.

For your privacy Grazill inc and only its partners have access to cookie data. Security procedures are in place to identify any unauthorized access to our cookie data. Information such as IP-address maybe collected by our third party authorized partners. This is to identify devices being used for the purposes of our website.

Their are several types of cookies. They help identify a device that has been used. They are stored in the browser memory.

Session cookies are short term that expire once your browser is turned off or disabled their not stored on your device.

Persistent cookies are stored on your browser to remember what actions a user has made on one or several site.

First party cookies are cookies storing data from the site your currently visiting and initiating usage from.

Third party cookies is data being stored by another site that is separate from the one your currently visiting on.