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Grazill is taking precautions  to protect the welfare of animals. As part of our posting policy and we abide by all law requirements when live animals. Pet are not allowed to be sold under 8 weeks of age, users must state their age in their ad. Being advertised before 8 weeks is acceptable. 


Grazill does not promote  animal abuse or animal cruelty we will listen  to our community  members and take serious any suspected animals cruelty reports.  Suspected Puppy mills or brokering can be reported  directly on the user account “Report Ad" to directly to our support team where an account investigation  can take place. 


The Animal Pedigree Act makes it illegal and a Federal Offence to claim a dog or cat is a registered purebred or eligible for registration without the accompanied documentation. Using the term “registered” confirms the animal  meets breeding and showing eligibility with one or more breeding associations. When posting on Grazill’s platform users are required to meet this definition before listing their pet as purebred or registered.


Grazill does not allow  the posting of any wildlife animals or any from the endangers species list. Wild animals  are not to be owned in the city or sold. Grazill  does not permit shipping of animals due to the high risk of Shipping  scams all transactions  must be in person.

Any animals prohibited to be owned in the province where users reside will also be prohibited  to sell in that area of Grazill's online community.

Hybrid wolf 

Hybrid coyotes 

Pit bull

American Staffordshire Terrier 

Any mix of the pit bull bred is prohibited  from advertising on our platform 


Pet stores are not allowed to post dogs or cats for sale but they are allowed to advertise other small pets for sale . 

 Grazill does not take responsibility for any private payments or sales made through the use of our site nor do we process item payments  for any of our users.