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Posting Policy

By registering with Grazill, you are agreeing to follow all terms, regulations and policies associated with the use of ‘your account’. Grazill reserves the right to change, accept, deny, remove any and edit all advertisements that’s are displayed through its network. Sales of illegal merchandise are strictly prohibited! Accounts will be blocked; all ads will be removed and transferred over to our Investigations Department for further analysis. Spam, false-advertising, explicit content, violence, harassment, racism and bullying has no place here and will be addressed accordingly.  You will be blocked for breaking any of Grazill’s policies. Please enjoy our many features and promotions offered through our site.

Collection, Use, Sharing, Protection of Personal Information.

Grazill inc reserves the right to collect & share your personal information with our service provider partners in order to operate our business. This is done with strict instructions when handling personal information. With your authorization Grazill will have access to your exact location, photos, and identification submitted. Grazill shares personal information with law enforcement to investigate criminal activity and website violations. Your information is protected by our highly advanced specialized team of security officers with several safe guards in place to prevent, theft and hacking. By signing up with Grazill you are agreeing with all our terms.

Grazill Inc Age Restrictions

Grazill is taking the utmost care in protecting our community. As part of our safety measures we have age restrictions in place. Our youth are venerable and need to be protected. We have an age restriction limit of 16+ anyone under the age of 16 is not permitted to use our services unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who is able to post on their behalf. This is to ensure the parent or guardian is involved with all communications and transactions made.
Grazill reserves the right to monitor and remove any and all ads in relation to any suspected safety concerns to users and the community.

Mobile privacy & Legal Notice

Our website, mobile app including any and all Grazill Inc website related services with your permission will collect, use and have access your personal information including your exact location to help serve you better with your advertising needs. Grazill protection and privacy of your personal information in both website related forms will be monitored by our Grazill Inc Team. Installing our app you are agreeing to share your personal information and are agreeing to be bound by our terms of use and privacy policy. We reserve the right to update and change our policy at anytime it is the users responsibly to view the policy and terms in accordance with their usage of the site.

  • If you have been Scammed
  • If you believe you have been scammed contact Grazill's support team and contact your local police to file a police report.
  • You can also contact these services.
  • RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Crime Stoppers 1 800 222 TIPS
  • Reporting Economic Crime Online 1 888 495 8501
  • The Competition Bureau
  • Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
  • Grazill works very closely with law enforcement to prevent and stop fraudulent users and scammers from accessing our website.
  • Collection of Identifications

In order to access some services on our website it is part of our terms of use to become premium Verified. The Collection and protection of your data is our concern as much as it is yours. We do not share your information with other Grazill users. Our team will verify, collect and secure all documents received through our server. We use your personal documents to verify your account information In order to keep you and our online community safe. If at anytime you would like close your account all information in regards to verifying the account will be destroyed and no refunds will be given for processing.

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Grazill INC. -Team