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In order to access certain parts of our website you must become a Premium Verified Member. The pet section has this restriction in place allowing customers to feel safer when buying or selling online. This reduces the risk or fraudulent sales and scams from our site.

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By using Grazill you are agreeing to follow the Terms and Policies set forth in the website. This is a Legal Notice that will summarize your Privacy Rights with our ability to collect, share, use as well as outlining the protection of your personal information. This will apply to any and all Grazill websites and applications where our Privacy Terms and Legal Notice is referenced. BY USING GRAZILL OR INSTALLING OUR APP YOU AGREE YOU HAVE READ, ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO CONCENTING WITH GRAZILL COLLECTING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, NOT LIMITED TO USING AND SHARING AS DESCRIBED IN OUR USER PRIVICY POLICY. YOU ALSO AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT WHEN USING OUR WEBSITE. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO UPDATE OUR DOCUMENTS REGUARDING OUR PRIVICY AND TERMS OF USE POLICY WITHOUT NOTICE.

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